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Biomecanics researched along with the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia, how the shape of children’s feet evolve, taking into account the instep, plantar arch and growth rates. The conclusions of the study provided us with scientific evidence to design friendly footwear that adapts to each stage of the foot’s growth.

During the design and development phases, Biomecanics use 3D anthropometric databases of the European child population in order to adapt the shape and dimensions of their footwear to the shape of children’s feet.

In addition, they carry out studies on movement patterns and analyse the interaction of the foot with the ground so they can determine which are the areas of greatest wear on the sole and adapt them to the different stages of growth.

The result of this collaboration is children’s footwear that adapts to the morphological characteristics of the child’s foot and that evolves with it at each stage. It ensures the correct development of the child’s motor skills, without losing sight of something very important. Optimal footwear adapted to the real needs of a foot in constant growth.

Biomecanics are manufactured with elements that are phthalate, chromium and nickel-free, using water-based glues. In the designs, we have eliminated small removable parts that could be dangerous for little ones. Complying with toy legislation.

The sole faciliitates the movement of the foot in all directions: flexion, dorsiflexion and torsion so as not to limit the foot’s mobility and allow the transmission of stimuli.

The grooved design of the sole in the metatarsal area provides adequate grip to allow momentum when crawling.

The soft stabilisers and the extra wide hell base, allow babies to control the medial-lateral movements of their feet and to keep their balance when taking their first steps. This innovation eliminates the need for internal reinforcement or support that restrict ankle movement.

Our Hook & Loop fastening system prevents chafing and allows the shoe to be adjusted. The padded tongue prevents excessive pressure on the top of the foot In the designs we eliminate the small removable parts that could be dangerous for the little ones. 

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