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McDonaldland, a whimsical world of joy and fantasy, was a marketing marvel by McDonald's. With beloved characters like Grimace, Birdie the Early Bird and the Hamburglar, it sparked imagination and laughter for all ages. While it's no longer a physical place, McDonaldland's spirit endures, leaving a lasting legacy of happiness in the hearts of fans worldwide. The new MCDONALDS X CROCS collection is based on these beloved characters!

An enduring symbol of McDonald's, Grimace's lovable purple character has left a lasting impression. Although less prominent today, his charm and whimsy serve as a nostalgic reminder of McDonald's heritage. For those who recall the McDonaldland era, Grimace continues to evoke warm memories and a sense of joy.


Birdie the Early Bird was introduced by McDonald's in 1980 as the first-ever female character in the McDonaldland crew, aiming to promote their breakfast menu. Her debut marked the launch of the iconic Egg McMuffin. A truly beloved character among fans.


A mischievous presence in McDonald's lore, the Hamburglar, with his black-and-white costume, left a memorable mark on the brand's history.

Products Available from 2nd November 2023

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