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Carmela - Womens Shoes


Carmela Shoes 
Xti’s most premium-quality range, made with love and the best materials for elegant women who know what they want and always put their best foot forward. Through our most experienced craftspeople and all the care your feet deserve, Carmela brings you footwear and accessories that highlight your elegance and everyday style.

It’s all about the details, and we know that at Carmela. This is why we put in all our love and expertise to make sure you feel the comfort of a premium shoe in the latest designs and stay one step ahead.

Carmela shoes are made with high-quality leather by hand in Spain and designed with anatomical lasts, padded insoles, flexible rubber or cork soles and exquisite finishes so that your every step is as comfortable as can be.

Buy Carmela Women's Shoes with confidence as The Foot Factory is an authorised retailer.