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Cotswold Kids Shoes


Cotswold Kids Shoes

Cotswold shoes are named after one of England’s largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, The Cotswolds, where numerous golf courses are dotted around the landscape.  It’s no wonder that the Cotswold brand started off as a range of stylish, comfortable golf shoes.

With its famously vast landscapes filled with beautiful rolling hills and hidden trails for the whole family plus pet dog to explore and discover, there became a clear opportunity for the Cotswold brand to develop its own range of waterproof hiking and walking boots and shoes.

Cotswold has an impressive portfolio of Lifestyle, Hiking, Wellington and Slipper styles suited for the way of life of people living in the beautiful Cotswold’s area, for every walk in life.

The Foot Factory have hundreds of styles available from Cotswold. Buy Cotswold Children's Shoes with confidence as The Foot Factory sources our Cotswold products from an authorised distributor.