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Bugatti - Men's Shoes


Bugatti Shoes

A telephone book is full of names. Acting in accordance with this simple fact, Klaus Jürgen Möller, then head of marketing at the Brinkmann company, found the name for the new fashion line of the business in a Milan telephone book.

It was on one of the first pages: “bugatti”. It sounded great, was easy to remember and definitely Italian. Success soon followed. In 1981, bugatti presented a line of quilted coats. It was so successful that it ensured the brand a firm place in the fashion business. This was only the start. More collections followed. The brand strengthened its market position further with its jackets. The range is steadily increased by granting licenses to expert partners.  bugatti keeps on growing. With the launch of its own suit jacket / suit collection, bugatti proved its business wear expertise. By now, bugatti not only sells trousers, knitwear / wovens and shirts but also women’s wear. The brand has become a statement, represents a lifestyle. European. Cosmopolitan.

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