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Mustang - Women's Shoes


The Mustang jeans brand was introduced and protected by Sefranek in 1958, inspired by the American way of life, which was becoming popular at the time. As a company logo, he chose stylized horses based on the Mustang. Before that, jeans were known as "cowboy pants".

High-priced Mustang jeans then cost around 20 marks. In 1961, the company launched the world's first stretch jeans under the Mustang brand. In the mid-1960s, Mustang was about to take over sole distribution of Levi's jeans in Germany, until the Americans withdrew and later founded their own subsidiary. In 1971, the entire production of work clothing was switched to jeans fashion. In 1972 Mustang designed the West German team's casual clothing for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

In 1997, the production of jeans required 29,900 meters of denim for 23,000 pairs of jeans a day. The brand whilst known for their jeans also has a full clothing range, including a significant range of quality footwear. 

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